It begins and ends with love.

Raw Earth-Based and Botanical Skincare

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine


Maitri (pronounced 'my-tree') is one of Buddhisms four aspects of true love ♡

The idea of maitri is to cultivate loving-kindness towards self first which radiates and results in developing kindness unto all beings.

 Once maitri is practiced frequently, one sleeps easily, wakes easily, dreams no evil dreams. Neither fire, poison, nor weapons can touch one☄ (Pāli Canon) 


 I'll be sharing facial masks ~ body butter ~ under-eye balm ~ lip balm ~ natural make-up ~ acne-spot treatment ~ a pain-relief topical and more!!!  I will also be collaborating with my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor to provide you with healing soups and TCM healing techniques.  Everything is made in order to help you connect with nature as well as becoming intuitive of your own needs. 

When I make my products, I am in a maitri mindset. I glow🌟 with the excitement that earth based ingredients are so effective and that I get to share with you non-toxic personal care!  I make all products with crystal infusions, holistic intention and affirmations of happiness, love,  and empowerment with sage/palo santo cleansing 💎

Stay tuned, beautiful souls!