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Our Story



Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn about us. I’m Sara (pronounced "Sa-da") Larios and I am thrilled to share holistic skincare products and homemade remedies that I create with revolutionary love. I hope to make it easier for you to find natural health solutions or to inspire you to make your own healing products. 

I am an entrepreneur, skincare and herbal enthusiast, cannabis and mental health advocate, and an activist against social injustices and the destruction of Mama Tierra. My passion is to encourage self-love through a deeper connection to nature and with therapeutic rituals and holistic products that suits individual needs.  

 Maitri, a virtue for true love, begins with loving yourself which then radiates towards others. As I learned to love myself and continue on a journey of self-discovery, I realized that I found more healing benefits from using earth-based products than all the expensive products I have tried for treating my acne/scars and minimizing stretch marks. After research and experimentation, I decided to create products formulated to enhance our regenerative abilities and to share nature's treasures with others while promoting more self-love.     

My Commitment:

Natural products should always play an important role in human life. Various parts of the plants like root, bark, seed and leaves have been an important source of medicine for thousands of years.  At Maitri Healing Co., we are constantly learning about Salvadoran, ancient Indian and Chinese medicinal traditions, which can be integrated into our fast-paced lives for good health, improving our way of living at the moment and future generations to come.

I am a firm believer that we are what we eat and what we put on our skin.

There are several essential routines that could benefit us yet we are sold tons of products and services that are ineffective and costly. Unfortunately, commercial products (cosmetic and house cleaning) are loaded with preservatives and other endocrine disruptors that slowly accumulate in our bodies.

Not to worry! Every product created for Maitri Healing Co. contains the finest organic, plant-based ingredients that are globally sourced. Maitri Healing Co. takes pride in offering effective,  botanical wellness products in small batches to ensure quality ingredients without harmful preservatives. With holistic intentions, products are created free from toxins, such as artificial fragrance, preservatives, parabens, and petroleum, etc. We don’t test on animals.

Each time you use a Maitri Healing Co. product you are growing your relationship with nature and yourself. I hope to help grow an understanding of Earth’s healing abilities. We also need to trust in our bodies regenerative abilities and be forever grateful for nature's healing resources. 

 In this modern, trendy world, we have done enough damage to nature and ourselves. It is high time we start changing our ways, to synchronize ourselves with nature by respecting Mother Earth; protecting and giving back.  Spread nothing but love and abundance. Peace. 



Business and Logo Story

I created my sigil to represent being a LOVE WARRIOR! I believe that Love Warriors could make a difference in the world! My intention behind this symbol is to encourage strength and courage to continue spreading love despite difficult transitions and tribulations in life. Love Warriors are brave, powerful, and filled with love and gratitude!

To be a Love Warrior means to stand up for what you believe in and to believe that LOVE is real! Maitri stands for developing loving-kindness towards oneself which then radiates towards others. Through the struggles with anxiety and depression, loving myself was a daily struggle. Learning to be kind to myself and practicing maitri allows me to be aware of negative patterns so that I could respond to tough situations with more compassion and love towards myself and others. I would like to encourage others to find the same genuine joy!  

Maitri allows you to appreciate the beauty in the world!  Loving ourselves give us more love to share with others! The journey of loving myself encourages me to share loving rituals with everyone 


If you've read this far, thank you for your attention! Wishing you health, love, and happiness!